Gum Turpentine

Is Gum Turpentine the Better Solvent?

Compared to mineral solvents, gum turpentine is a better solvent. It can remove paint that has already hardened slightly. Mineral spirits can only dissolve fresh oil paint. Although it is a better solvent, is it safe to use?  Is Gum Turpentine Safe to Use?  This product is safe to use. But it’s not designed to…

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Gum turpentine

Is It Safe to Use Gum Turpentine? How Toxic Is It?

Gum turpentine is completely safe, as long as you don’t ingest it. It has become controversial, though, because some people are using it to treat stomach or intestinal issues. However, ingesting gum turpentine can cause serious effects. It’s highly toxic to kidneys. Thus, you must avoid swallowing it.  Gum turpentine as a Thinner  If you use…

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gum turpentine

Is Gum Turpentine the Same as Turpentine Oil?

Many people are confused between gum turpentine and turpentine oil. In this post, you’ll know the difference between these two options and find out which one can be applied on the wood surface.   Gum Turpentine The Safe Turpentine  Gum turpentine is the resin of pine trees. While turpentine oil is made from gum turpentine. Turpentine oil…

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