black pine tar

Black Pine Tar – A Traditional Wood Surface Treatment

Staining the wood surface with black pine tar offers many advantages, besides making the surface more attractive. Pine tar, per se, is a traditional wood surface treatment that has been around for thousands of years.    Have you seen those ancient Scandinavian churches? They still stand today because they have been treated with this stain. …

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pine tar stain

Pine Tar Wood Stain to Protect Wood Surfaces Affected by the Sun

Wood is still the best material to use when you’re building a house, renovating, or redecorating. Why? It’s still the most eco-friendly option, as long as the wood has been sustainably sourced. However, wood is vulnerable to fading. Thankfully, there are several options to choose from to protect it. One is a pine tar wood…

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pine tar products

Ancient Pine Tar Products to Preserve Wood Naturally

Pine tar products are an ancient form of wood preservation that is still being used today. The resins in pine tar will be used to prevent mold, fungus, and rot. That’s why they are great for wooden roofs, decks, gardens, barns, and other applications.  Pine Tar Products with Wood Preservatives from the Forest  When you…

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