black pine tar

Black Pine Tar – A Traditional Wood Surface Treatment

Staining the wood surface with black pine tar offers many advantages, besides making the surface more attractive. Pine tar, per se, is a traditional wood surface treatment that has been around for thousands of years.    Have you seen those ancient Scandinavian churches? They still stand today because they have been treated with this stain. …

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swedish pine tar

Why Is Swedish Pine Tar So Important in Preserving Wood Product?

Swedish pine tar is a form of wood preserver. It protects the wood part of your house from rot.    Wood is indeed a versatile material. It’s also durable. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to deterioration. If you live in areas where algae, fungi, and mold grow, then it’s likely that your wood product will be affected. …

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pine tar

Pine Tar to Stop the Wood from Warping

Wood is renewable. That’s why many environmentalists are recommending wood furniture. Solid hardwood, per se, can be replenished and renewed. Wood furniture also adds beauty to your interior. Unfortunately, it is prone to warping. That’s why you need to apply pine tar as wood protection.  You can purchase various products that aim to protect wood…

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