pine tar

Pine Tar Wood Stain to Protect Wood Surfaces Affected by the Sun

Wood is still the best material to use when you’re building a house, renovating, or redecorating. Why? It’s still the most eco-friendly option, as long as the wood has been sustainably sourced. However, wood is vulnerable to fading. Thankfully, there are several options to choose from to protect it. One is a pine tar wood…

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swedish pine tar

Why Is Swedish Pine Tar So Important in Preserving Wood Product?

Swedish pine tar is a form of wood preserver. It protects the wood part of your house from rot.    Wood is indeed a versatile material. It’s also durable. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to deterioration. If you live in areas where algae, fungi, and mold grow, then it’s likely that your wood product will be affected. …

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